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You Make Me Feel

I’ve been trying to reach you
‘Cause I got something to say
But you’re talking about nothing at all
And you’re slipping away
We were crying together
It was a long time ago
Before you walk out the door
And leave me this way
Just here what I say
You make me feel
You make me real
For the rest of my days
In so many ways

You make me feel
I’ve been trying to leave you
Why should we go on like this
But my heart can’t breathe
When I hear you sya
It’s better this way


Ten thousand light years away from you
Keep thinking maybe it’s time to let go
But by the end of the day
I still want to say "Do you"


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You Got Nerve

uh c’mon
watch out
uh c’mon
oh oh…..

Gave you chances on top of chances
Opportunities taken for granted
My reality is all your exshalities
Cause insanity
Why you askin’me?
Took my kindness for a sign of weakness
My own blindness cause my sadness
No longer am a slave over your madness
I am glad it’s finally over

Who do you think you are now?
I can’t believe you’ve got the nerve boy
Who do you think you are now?
I can’t believe you’ve got the nerve boy

See I’m tired of all the games
That you seem to like to play
See what you can do for me
Is forget you knew my name
See your qualities are less than pleasing
I got more than one reason for leaving
It’s time to close shop

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You Can Sleep While I Drive

"Come on baby let’s get out of this town
I got a full tank of gas with the top rolled down
There’s a chill in my bones
I don’t want to be left alone
So baby you can sleep while I drive
I’ll pack my bag and load up my guitar
In my pocket I’ll carry my harp
I got some money I saved
Enough to get underway
And baby you can sleep while I drive

We’ll go thorough Tucson up to Santa Fe
And Barbara in Nashville says we’re welcome to stay
I’ll buy you glasses in Texas a hat from New Orleans
And in the morning you can tell me your dreams

You know I’ve seen it before
This mist that covers your eyes
You’ve been looking for something
That’s not in your life
My intentions are true
Won’t you take me with you
And baby you can sleep while I drive

Oh is it other arms you want to hold you
the stranger
But lover you’re free
Can’t ...

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You And Me

[Verse 1:]
I never thought on the first night
You would bare what you hold so dear to life
And share with me all your innermost fantasies baby
And afterwards in my arms you cried
Had me feeling some kind of way on the inside
Then I knew it was going to be me and you

So if the world was to believe that what we share weren’t meant to be
Then it would be just you and me against the world
And if our friends and family if our friends and family
Can’t bear to see us both happy
Then it will be just you and me against the world

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Y’all Don’t Want None

"ft. Mystikal

[Master P]
This goes to all y’all BITCH ASS niggaz
that got the motherfuckin game twisted
Get it how you live

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