Daily Archives April 2, 2015

Would Not Come

"if I make a lot of tinsel then people will want to
if I am hardened no fear of further abandonment
if I am famous then maybe i’ll feel good in this skin
if I am cultured my words will somehow garner respect
i would throw a party still it would not come
i would bike run swim and still it would not come
i’d go travelling and still it would not come
I would starve myself and still it would not come
if I’m masculine I will be taken more seriously
if I take a break it would make me irresponsible
if i’m elusive I will surely be sought after often
if I need assistance then I must be incapable
i’d be filthy rich and still
it would not come
I would seduce them and still
it would not come
I would drink vodka and still
it would not come
i’d have an orgasm still
it wouldn’t come
if I accumulate knowledge
i’ll be inpenetr...

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Woke Up With Wood

When I woke up this morning
I was feeling mighty good.
My baby understood had to do what she should
lying near a pile of wood.
Laying it on some

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With Me Part 1

Everything ya like is with me
So if you know like I know
This is where ya need to be

Do you ever wonder when he dont come who he goes to see?
And why in the middle of the night he leaves you alone

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Why ohhh why [repeat 5x]

What is it that I do to get you pissed
Whenever I call you I get a fit
You got my number blocked off on your phone
When I come over they say your not home
Its killing me not know what went wrong
And plus we been together too damn long
It time to figure out something is going on
Girl are you trying to be all alone

What is the reason for you trippin on me (baby why dissin me)
A week ago you were in love with me (now your actin like you just met me)
Trying to figure out where we went wrong (please

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Where I Go (Miles To Go)

"When I can’t see your face
Feel your embrace (feel you)
I know your out there baby thinkin’ of me
I just wanna be
Just wanna be
I wanna be with you

I think of what I can do
I think of you
I think of the day
when I hear you say
"No matter where I go you’ll be here"
Miles to go when your not here
And I’ll be there
Where I go where you are
And it’ll be miles to go when your not here
Where I go
Miles to go where you’ll be

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