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Yo Yo

"Baby played me like a YoYo
All this time is was she mackin’ me
YoYo! YoYo!
Random! UOMO!
YoYo! YoYo!

My Girl said she gonna to chill tonight
That’s cool because I worked up an appetite
Called up my boys and said let’s get together
The time couldn’t be any better
Let’s hit the club and do whatever
Stepped in

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"Hersanity ft. The Lox

The lox rappin’
Screw dis
let me take you where da drinks is stronger
4o’clock’s threw hittin it
Nights is longa

And I dont pull up wit nothin european
I come straight up from Rean

Who be out
you already know who da sheek be bout

And done drove in the best of whips
And I shop so much
she dont even wanna spend no chips
Jus the thug and his best

I’ll be up in ya chest


Verse 1
Could it be
the way you look the way that you be touchin me

Sendin shivas up n’ down my spine
Or could it be
the way you got me feelin’ boy there’s no denyin

Xclusive’s what you are to me

You’re Xclusive baba
No one can do me like you baba

No one can love me no one can hold me

And when I think of all the things you do

There’s no one but you

Verse 2
Is it babe
the way you got me trippin got me so amaze...

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No more sittin’ at home at night
Waiting for you to come home
No more will I cry for you
I found somebody new
No more late night phone calls
Don’t even bother at all
When I was there for you
You took me for granted
Now he loves me
The way that I wanted you to love me
He’s always thinking of me
He’s nothing like you at all
I don’t know why
I stayed with you for so long
I should have been gone
He’s nothing like you at all
That’s why I say WOW
Never felt a love so good
I look up and my world is brighter now
There’s no more rainy clouds
Since love’s here and
Now everyday I wear a smile
He came into my life and the clouds are gone
I only see the sun
He’s here and all my hurt is gone
Every night he is loving me
I feel like I’m inside a movie
But his love is so real to me
He’s here and I...

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"Girlfriend can we talk
well I have something to say
girl when you’re dealing with
your man
there just ain’t no easy way

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Will 2K

"[Will Smith]
Here it comes the party of a lifetime
31st of December
Man I remember when the ball dropped for 90
Now it’s 9-9

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