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You Are Everything Remix

"Yo we gonna try somethin a little different
Yo make make my voice a little more distorted
Yeah I don’t know if they ready for this
(Yeah yeah)
Uh uh bass
Uh uh bass
Uh uh bass
(Yeah oh yeah yeah)
Uh uh verse [repeat throughout verse]

Last night we had an argument
Afterwards I’m feelin pretty bent mmm
Then I took a drink
And I didn’t think
That was the storm for me

You don’t know you don’t know how she’ll take it
Tell me what is a good man to do
Will she cherish your heart will she break it
Cuz you are everything and everything is you

You are everything
And everything is you
You are everything
And everything is you
You are everything
And everything is you
You are everything
And everything is you

Baby tell me are you playin me
When you’re lovin me
When you’re holdin me
And when...

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Year And A Day

"M.C. for what I AM and do
the A is for Adam and the lyrics; true
so as pray and hope and the message is sent
and I AM living in the dreams that I have dreamt
because I’m down with the three the unstoppable three
me and Adam and D. were born to M.C.
and my body and soul and mind are pure
not polluted or diluted or damaged beyond cure
just lyrics from I to you recited

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Wrap Sumden

[Chorus] x2

Hey this is no lie
Me and my niggas gettin high
Yo if you look up in the sky
You might see us floating by

You see Biggie be like what’s beef?
Me I’m like what’s weed?
Weed is actually a medicine for me

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World Of Girls

Met a girl on trip to Spain
Took a walk and in the rain
Dinner by candle-light
Every night
She was every man’s delight
Had a dream__
Bentley and humor
And I fell in love
Instantly the way she put that thing on me

I have kissed the most exotic faces
From London to Honolulu
Made love in the most romantic places
What more can one man do
Livin’ in a world of girls
It’s like swimming in a sea of peals
Tastes like caviar
Watching shooting stars
She’s like _sh to the touch
Diamonds in a ruff

Had a girl who was a beauty queen
Most beautiful one to me
Straight out of a magazine
Took a ride on my__
Puerto Rican

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Woman Don’t Cry

So you’re feelin’ lonely
Like love has gone away at night
You’re brokenhearted cause your man ain’t never done you right
You feel discouraged

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