Daily Archives April 11, 2015

You have been loved

She takes the back road and the lane
Past the school that has not changed
In all this time
She thinks of when the boy was young
All the battles she had won
Just to give him life

That man
She loved that man
For all his life
But now we meet to take him flowers
And only God knows why

For what’s the use in pressing palms
When children fade in mothers arms
It’s a cruel world
We’ve so much to lose
And what we have to learn

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You Are My Joy (Interlude)

Huuuuuh my inspiration comes form you
You are the love of my life
And I sing this song for you
You are my joy
My child
You are the love of my life
I dedicate this song to you
You are my joy
My child


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"You are all I need to get me through (get me through now baby)
Like a falling star I fell for you (I fell for you)

Sweet anticipation
It’s giving me the butterflies
And my heartbeat’s racing
Cos loving you is beautiful
When you’re so irresistible

So don’t stop (don’t stop)
What you’re doing baby
So good (so good)
And it drives me crazy
One touch (who-ho-hoo)
I’m in heaven

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Year Of Tha Boomerang

"Tha sistas are in so check tha front line
It seems I spent the 80s in a Haiti state of Mind
Cast me into classes for electro shock
Straight incarcerated

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Fall From Grace
False Messiah
Laid To Waste
Amidst Desire
Never Found
The Fuel That Feeds
The Fire Of Your Passion
Carbon Copy
Xeroxed Soul
Redundant Thought Assassin
All You Hear
And Claim It As Your Own
Step On Those
From Which You Stole
On Your Path To The Throne
Sink Your Teeth In Decadence
Manipulate The Crown
Drink The Wine
And Toast Us All
For We Will Take You Down

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