Daily Archives April 19, 2015

Your Clown

i don’t wanna be your clown again.
and i don’t wanna live this triangle.
no i don’t wanna be your clown now

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You’ll Be Mine (Party Time)

when the sun is setting in the sky
everybody knows it’s party time
and when the moon is
rising high
I’ll be yours

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You Could Be Blind

"[Chorus 2x]
You could be blind
But you gon’ see it when you need to see it
You gon’ be fine
‘Cause you gon’ be here when you need to be here
One of a kind
First free your mind

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You Be Alright

[Verse 1:]
So many people are on a search to find
Within their days for that place
Within their minds to hide
And dump the load of this worldly life
And the things that it can make you feel and do
Just to pass away your time

But you be alright
Cause if you just hold on
Be strong (you)
You be alright
Yes you will (yeah)

[Verse 2:]
People have a tendency
To think to themselves that they’re the only ones
Going through more things than anyone else
But oh

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Yertle The Turtle

On a far away island
of Salamasond
Yertle the turtle
Was king of the pond
A nice little pond
It was clean it was neat
The water was warm
There was plenty to eat
Until one day
The king of them all
Decided the kingdom
He ruled was too small
I’m a ruler of all that I see
But I don’t see enough
And that’s the trouble with me

With this stone for a throne
I am too low down
I cannot look down
Upon the places beyond
So Yertle the turtle king
Lifted his hand
And Yertle the turtle king
Lifted his hand
He ordered all the turtles
Onto one another’s back
He piled them high
Into a ten turtle stack
I’m Yertle the turtle
The things I now rule
I’m king of a cow
I’m king of a mule

Then down from below
In the great turtle stack
Came a burp from a plain
Little turtle named Mack
Just part of the throne
This burpin’ little turtle
Looked up and ...

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