Daily Archives April 22, 2015

You Could Save Me

"Good morning Monday
Take off your shoes
Because the jeans that I am posing
Are anything but blue
There were shadows

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You Ain’t Right

Took myself on to the doctor wasn’t feeling fine
I had a fever 104
Oh that blew my mind
Must be I had enough
‘Bout to explode from the gossip i said
Thought my friend had my back
Just to stab oh yeah
Hurts so bad when I talk
Wanna take something
Numb the pain I know it ain’t right
Come face to face with her
Gotta tell her how I feel inside

Ooh hoo you ain’t right
Ooh hoo sick and tired
Yeah yeah yeah yeah

The doctor said he’d give me something
And I’d be alright
I still feel queezy

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Wrong Ones

[Phone Conversation]
[Cam:] Hello
[Girl:] Yo Kam
[Cam:] Yo mom whatsup whats goin on
[Girl:] Yo I cant meet you later yo
[Cam:] What Happened?
[Girl:] Yo he stalkin me
[Cam:] He in yo face like dat
[Girl:] Like dat yo hold on
Yo I’m talkin to June Allright
[Cam:] Damn he in yo face like dat
[Girl:] Just like dat
Yo Ill beep you later I can call you later
[Cam:] Alright Alright

Ay Yo you got ta undastand
I’m like a food to tha world
Cuz I’m friends wit ya man
Plus your cool wit my girl
Now I dont really understand how dat cat he be stressin u
I dont understand that you grown but yet he question u
Guessin that u love him but you in it for tha pay
But he know where u at every minute of tha day
But since we learned to creep
Is like we yearn for sleep
And my girls in my face when i dont return tha beep
Its like a...

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Worried About You

"Sometime I wonder why you do these things to me
Sometime I worry girl that you ain’t in love with me
Sometime I stay out late

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Without You

Miles Away
There’s hopeless smiles brighter than mine
And I need for you to come and go
Without the truth falling out.

Old incisions refusing to stay
Like sun through the trees on a cloudy day

Socially scared and impaired
If the trees will bloom the wind can blow
Without the fruit falling out

Feels like the wind blows
Holding you with us
She takes no other
False light and ashes
Blooming like winter
Dry eyes and cracked lips
Under the stone wall
Withdrawn and wishless

You brighten my life like a polystyrene hat
But it melts in the sun like a life without love
But I’ve waited for you so I’ll keep crying out
Without You

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