Daily Archives April 26, 2015

You Always Sing

"You always sing
You always sing the
You always sing the same



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Ya Money or Ya Life

"One up for the hustlers and two times for the mathematics
Long as I can grind I’m scratching
Stacking cause moneys got a funny way of finding
Your ass this coming out your account when you start the climbing
and blindly got you on a major chase for paper
And now you got your eyes on my vault tryin’ to take my paper
The vapors will leave niggas wit dreams to face satan
I’m pacin’ with infa-red beams just waiting
Hatin’ and I don’t cause the conversation
He spoke wit his killer but now he’s got to face him
Racin cause off in these streets you aint promised tomorrow
So if you bring pain I bring sorrow
I warn you aint never been down to die slowly
Surely I got niggas down to die for me
You owe me and I want it all and that’s that
Bitch you got to pay wit your life not scratch

Don’t want no money...

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Worst Case Scenario

"Your head come on is dead and gone it might as well be said so long
It’s suds and soda a brain decoder and can I wait for my decoder
Get off get up you son of pop the light below is bright on top
It’s suds and soda a smile decoder and can I get yeah what I ordered?

And there’s always something in the air

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Work Your Way Out

lying on the floor
four stories high
in the corridor
between the asphalt and the sky
I am caught like bottled water
the light daughter
I wonder what you look like
under your t-shirt
I wonder what you sound like
when you’re not wearing words
I wonder what we have
when we’re not pretending
it’s never-ending

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Wind Up

"I have a choice between the bat and the belt
Each time I hear about the hand you’ve been dealt
Spare me confession

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