Daily Archives April 27, 2015

Buddha For Mary

A simple fear to wash you away
An open mind canceled it today
A silent song that’s in your words
A different taste that’s in your mind

This is the life on mars

Mary was a different girl
Had a thing for astronauts
Mary was the type of girl
She always liked to fall apart
Mary was a holy girl
Finally wet her appetite
Mary was the type of girl
She always liked to fall apart

Tell me did you see her face
Tell me did you smell her taste
Tell me what’s the difference
Don’t they all just look the same inside?
See her face

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Lay Low

"[Dr. Dre]
Ay ay Snoop whattup? This your nigga Dre
Ay man I was thinkin I ain’t said shit on your whole motherfuckin album
So check it out

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A Poetic Retelling Of An Unfortunate Seduction

"The language in the dimmer rooms
Seems to represent the light source well
How soft they speak and seem to be at peace
With the movement of the music and the madness
That is pulling me into this
And the shades of the lamps are woven red
The light

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2 Live Party

"Chorus: KC
Do ya wanna have a party?
2 live is throwin’ another party!
Buttnaked ass shakin’ party
Ten thousand motherfuckers at the party
We’re gonna see ya at the party
Another motherfuckin’ 2 live party

Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice
Deep down south

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All bitches come and kick it with me
Weed smokers come and hit it with me
Alkaholiks come and sip it with me
Uh-huh – Alkaholiks come and hit it with me
(Tell ‘em about yo’self Tash)
Alkies come and kick it with me
(I said tell ‘em about yo’self Tash)
Say what folk? Say what? Aight

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