Daily Archives April 29, 2015

You’re New Aesthetic

We’re lowering the standard in a process selective.
The formulas to thin.
But it takes more than one person.
So everyone jump on.
I’ll miss you when you’re just like them.
I remember back then thinking:
Easy comes but doesn’t stay

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Your Little Body’s Slowly Breaking Down

Peron: Your little body’s slowly breaking down
You’re losing speed you’re losing strength not style
That goes on flourishing forever but your eyes your smile
Do not have the sparkle of your fantastic past
If you climb one more mountain it could be your last

Eva: I’m not that ill
Bad moments come but they go
Some days are fine
Some a little bit harder
But that doesn’t mean we should give up our dream
Have you ever seen me defeated
Don’t you forget what I’ve been through and yet
I’m still standing

Peron: Eva

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You Want This

You know you want me
You want this

My girls
Been goin ’round talkin
They say that you been
Watchin me boy
I know
By the way you’re talkin
That you’re really tryin
To get to me boy

Not anyone I’ll just let in my heart
You have to be hungry for me
Girls may have been easy
But you have to please me
What makes me think that I can say this to you
I know how bad you want this

If you want my future then
You better work it boy
No it won’t come easy no
I know you want this
By the time I’m through with you
You’ll be beggin me for more

You want this

I know
Your whole story
Because you’re fine and
And you know it
You think
That you can have me
Just listen closely
No it ain’t so easy
Every word
You’ve said I have heard before

Girls may have been easy
But you have to please me
One thing I’ve been told
Nothin else compares

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You Made Me Find Myself

Bet you thought my world was over
Bet you thought I’d crash and burn
You thought I’d never
Pick myself up off the floor
But baby you were wrong
Just like before
I used to breathe you
I used to need you
I used to hang on every word that you say
It used to please you
To try to make me someone else
And I thank you from
My heart for your help
‘Cause you made me find myself
I used to think if I surrendered
I’d be the perfect one for you
But I swear I can’t remember

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You Don’t Know

"You don’t know where you belong
you should be more careful
as you follow blindly along
you just need to belong somehow

Relying on rhetoric
not well versed on topics
any idea what you’re talking about?
revisions of history
fair well in some company
but don’t shove that bullshit down
my throat

You don’t know where you belong
you should be more careful
as you follow blindly along
to find something to swear to
till you don’t know what’s right from wrong
you just need to belong somehow

Left suppresses right
right suppresses left
so what’s left

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