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Wing And a Prayer

"Lovers in ancient times

Now it begins — I see it in your eyes
And I know how you feel — you long to touch the sky
The flame of life

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Wild In The Streets

"Joey comes from a sacred part of town
Where sometimes you talk so tough
That your feet don’t touch the ground
And the sidewalk soldiers sing their midnite blues
While the old men recite their story lines
About when I was young like you
They say: Oh yeah
We were cruising to the backbeat
Oh yeah

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Why Me Lord

[verse 1]

Early Sunday morning in the spring of 96
Chilling on the couch watching the bulls against the knicks
My honey marches in and ask if I think I’m slick
It seem she found my shirt with lipstick
I thought I could explain but then my story wouldn’t stick
Incriminating pictures show me some other chicks
It happened once before and she was tired of the tricks
She ask me if I can spell the word evict


Why me lord situation looking kinda bad
Why me lord I lost the best girl I ever had
Why me lord I’m homeless and I’m feeling kinda sad
Why me why me why me why me
Why me lord how you member massa god so quick
Why me lord when trouble tek you pickney shirt a fit
Why me lord is just because you don’t know when to quit
Why me why me why me why me

[verse 2]

Just the other day when I was rolli...

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Who Will You Run To

You’re not sure what you want to do
with your life
but you sure don’t want me in it
Yeah you’re sure the life you’re
living with me
can’t go on one single minute
And there’s a new one waiting
outside this door
and now’s the time to begin it

You found a new world and
you want to taste it
But that world can turn cold and
you better face it

Who will you run to when it all falls down
Who’s gonna pick you world up off the ground
Who’s gonna take away the tears you cry
Who’s gonna love you baby as good as I

You won’t know what it’s like to live
on your own
You’ve always had me there beside you
You think it’s easy finding
someone out there
who’s gonna care as much as I do
What’s gonna happen baby
when you find out
that there’s no one there to cry to

You can tell the whole world how you’re
gonna make it
You can ...

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When Your Eyes Say It

"I love to hear you say that you love me
With words so sweet
And I love the way with just one whisper
You tell me everything
And when you say those words
It’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard

But when your eyes say it
That’s when I know that it’s true
I feel it
I feel the love coming through
I know it
I know that you truly care for me
‘Cause it’s there to see
When your eyes say it

I love all the ways that you show me
You’ll never leave
And the way your kisses

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