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The Garden

At night
Burned by desire
I reveled in no pain
That is greater than love
Nor have I found any garden more perfect


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First Time

When I look at you
Baby I’m amazed after we’ve been through
All that I can say is there is no perfect plan and no finish line
We just learn to fall and get back dark inside
Didn’t think we make it so glad
We didn’t break up now we’re good together and stronger than before

It’s not complicated
And I wanna celebrate it
Cause we did it like a first time
When you walk into the room man
I can’t believe we made it
When all around this love is fading
When you look into my eyes
It feels like a first time again

We stood out on the bridge
And everywhere in between
Pushed it to the edge
Ain’t never lost your faith
You proved that we were strong
And I’m glad you did
There’s something that I can’t believe I couldn’t miss
We don’t have to try hard now that we’ve come ?? where just living
But on the other side of t...

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I Know You Will

Baby baby try me crazy walking on the edge
The way you touch yourself has got me hanging on a ledge
Is it me

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Never A Day Goes By

Even though we’re heart to heart
I know you wonder when we part
Do I start to lose my desire for you
Will tomorrow be like tonight
Will I always treat you right
Will our love go on forever

Never a day goes by
Not a night that I
Could live my life without you
Never a day goes by
There’s no time that I
Can ever forget what you mean to me
Never a day goes by
When you’re not on my mind

I see the doubt there in your eyes
You wonder if I realize
There’ll come a time when I’ll be tired of you
You say attraction’s temporary
This passion

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Cool With You

Late last night
I was goin through some old things
When i Saw a picture of you and my best friend
It reminded me of day when you were mine
You had a way that always let me hear with a smile
I want those sweet days back agian
Cause baby


Its sunny day
But you’re not around
That dog gone rain might as well be pouring down
Its such a shame
Cause your heart on the ground
Just wanna be cool with you again

Sometimes I sit By the fire and remonance
About the time we spent infront of it
And that old flame will never be the same
Until you come back and re-candlelight
I just wanna share my heart with you again
Cause babe


I fall asleep at night
And often see you here
In my dreams
Holding me
But then I wake up and I realize that you’re
Not here with me
It hurts so much
I gotta hav...

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