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Apart Hate

somber sister
this is a strange and bitter fruit
because you taught me to sing
and the rhythm in my heart
and the rhythm in my feet is-

Why are the rainbows
stolen from the sky
and locked up in boxes

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I’ll Kiss You

"Went down to the local gypsy
And I handed her the same line–
‘You know what I want from you
So honey won’t ya gimme #9′
Cause you know lately I ain’t feelin so great–
Last time she gave me love potion #8
And you know pretty baby how I think you’re pretty smart
But one sip from this bottle and I’ll tear you all apart–

The gypsy told me that the first thing
That would happen you get dizzy
Second thing you better make sure
That your boyfriend isn’t busy
Cause you won’t wanna eat
And you won’t wanna drink
You won’t wanna talk
And you won’t wanna think
My mother used to tell me not to kiss on this first date
This time when I see you

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Sally’s Pigeons

"When I was eight I had a friend
with a pirate smile
make believe and play pretend
we were innocent and wild
hopped a fence and slammed the gate
running down my alleyway
in time to watch Sally’s pigeons fly

We loved to watch them dive and soar
circle in the sky
free as a bird from three to four
and never knowing why
neighbors pulled their wash back in
put away my Barbie and Ken
look out overhead
while Sally’s pigeons fly

I had a fool’s confidence
that the world had no boundaries
but instincts and common sense
come in different quantities

my heart began to
skip to the beat
of the boy next door
she had her eye across the street
on someone shy and tall
we lived our dreams
and challenged fate
in tears she told me she was late
and Sally let his pigeons out to fly…

On the dresser sits a frame
with a photograph
two little...

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You Don’t Know

"You don’t know where you belong
you should be more careful
as you follow blindly along
you just need to belong somehow

Relying on rhetoric
not well versed on topics
any idea what you’re talking about?
revisions of history
fair well in some company
but don’t shove that bullshit down
my throat

You don’t know where you belong
you should be more careful
as you follow blindly along
to find something to swear to
till you don’t know what’s right from wrong
you just need to belong somehow

Left suppresses right
right suppresses left
so what’s left

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Like A Cat

I lived in your shadow
I drove your car
You thaught I belonged in your four walls
I was never your bunny
I was never your pet
When you threw me out the window
I landed on my feet
Yeah you threw me out the window
Like a

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