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Ghetto Girls

(Lil Bow Wow)
Like when janet was justic thats what i am talking about
A shorty that can tell you when the J’s come out
Get creative with they haircuts like T-boz
Fav’rite rappers is Bow Wow

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Off The Glass

I’m forcin it that uh
I have the talent
And hey

he’s the B-O you know that he’s off the glass
BW: yes i’ve been this way ever since I was a baby
O-H-I-O bringin down the stash
BW: for all my dogs all the kids all my ladies

[Bow Wow:]
It’s the B-O you know that I’m off the glass
reprasentin so so we maki that cash
It’s a little pup now everybody wanna be hustlas
Earned my stripes from the platinum MIC
Now what’s up 1-2-3 times and still countin
How many time do I keep ya bouncin
Wait let me think ever since My interlude
not a day goes by that you won’t see me on the tube
Big thangs for a little big man
Still rock the mickey but I had to go and cop that big dog chain
Big dog earings
I’ma do my thang
So when you see me on the streets
You see that big dog bling
When I crossed out yo’ bak
It’s gotta ...

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[Chorus: Fundisha – repeat 4X]
They’re playing basketball
We love that basketball

[Lil’ Bow Wow]

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Up In Here

[JD:] Yo Yo Yo (Is IT?) Crazy you hear that
that’s my man Bow Wow
and you know it’s off the hook when we up in here
So so Def let’s go

[Verse 1:] Michrophone check one two
ain’t nobody comin’like I’m comin’
when I come through so get ready I’m the real deal
and you can see what I’m sayin’ even if you standin’ two blocks away
I’m he C.O. and I won’ stop (stop) I’m only 14 makin’ more than yo pops
I’m sayin’ you alrady know what
I’m about if you don’t
cover cause the dog is out
yu can either flee the sceneor keep your frown better yet find somethn’ to do
till I die down and that ain’t happening no time soon (why?)
cause I keep gettin’ ya’ll with the boom
it goes back to back we the empire
get out the way or get bnurnedby the fire
my plans ain’t to stay in he racks so run and tell your friends the pheno...

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Pick Of The Litter

Here we do it like 1 and 2 and 3 and to the 4 R to the O to the C’s
is at the doe Cruise make a move get clapped on up So so
def thats wassup So give me the microphone first (Why)
cuz I know what the hell i’m bout I been down in the dirty c/l in out
Throw my roof in my trunk when i’m bellin out Gettin crunk (jersey)
when i’m yellin out Weavin overseas and plushed out piece
Crushed out the parts

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