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Not That Kind

"All the time that we spend together
I won’t fuss
I won’t fight tryin to make you mine
Ah c’mon

I said I’ll love you ’til the 12th of never
But I won’t run far ahead
Leaving you behind
You know I’m not that kind

‘Cause I’m not that kind of girl
(Not that kind)
(Not that kind of girl)
And it’s not my kind of world
(Not that kind)
(Not that kind of girl)
No it’s not for me
(Not that kind)
Not where I wanna be

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I Dreamed You

You walked in the room
and time was standin’ still
knew you were my destiny
by the way you made me feel
only you in my life
forever and today
you’re everything I ever imagined
my love could be
you for me

Like the stars need the sky
and the river needs it’s rain
like an eagle needs it’s wings
and the fire needs it’s flames
like the sun needs the day
and the night needs the moon
like the air that I breathe
that’s how I…
dreamed of you
I dreamed you

It’s hard to explain
but when you know you know
I was so amazed by you
you had me and: ‘hello’
I need you in my heart
my body

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Wishing Well

"I wish you well

What do you think of me?
And who do you want me to be?
Not gonna let my history
Pull me down and hold me back

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You’ll Never Be Alone

The world is changing
and time is spinning fast
it’s so amazing how you came into my life
I know it seems all hope is gone
I know you feel you can’t be strong
and once again the story ends with you and I

And anytime you feel like you just can’t go on
just hold on to my love
and you’ll never be alone

Hold on
we can make it through the fire
and my love
I’m forever by your side
and you know
if you should ever call my name
I’ll be right there
you’ll never be alone

Hopeless to describe
the way I feel for you
no matter how I try
words would never do
I looked into your eyes to find
as long as love is alive
there ain’t nothing we can’t make it through


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I’m Outta Love

Yeah yeah yeah yeah
Oh yeah

Now baby come one
Don’t claim that love you never let me feel
I should have known
‘Cause you brought nothing real
Come on be a man about it
You won’t die
I ain’t got no more tears to cry
And I can’t take this no more
You know I gotta let it go
And you know

I’m outta love
Set me free
And let me out this misery
Just show me the way to get my life again
‘Cause you can’t handle me
(I said) I’m outta love
Can’t you see
Baby that you gotta set me free
I’m outta love


Said how many times
Have I tried to turn this love arond?
But every time
You just let me down
Come on be a man about it
You’ll survive
True that you can work it out all right
Tell me

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