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Tell Me It’s Real

Tell me it’s real
The feeling that we feel
Tell me that it’s real
Don’t let love come
Just to pass us by

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All The Things I Should’ve Known

"If I had been there to wipe your tears
then no one else would be around
If I had been there to cradle your fears
We’d still be together now

Wish I could be there to share your dreams
I wish that I could still be down

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Now and Forever

They’re always running around
Telling me I should be free
But there’s no kind of way
I’d let them take your love from me
You see I’m not one who goes on

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If It’s Going To Work

"[Verse 1:]
I’m tellin the truth
You don’t believe a word
How can we start over again?
I know I lied
You said let’s try
But still you wont let me in
Girl it’s easy to confess
When the truth’s been revealed
And it’s easy not to believe a word that I am saying

So baby if you want me (If you really want me)
And baby if you need me
You gotta let me know with us there’s still a chance
(You gotta let me know)
You gotta put the past behind us and start all over again
I got to know If It’s Going To Work

[Verse 2:]
When circumstances don’t seem right
Why can’t you just go on with the fact
Not what you hear

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Makin’ Me Say Goodbye

It’s tree o’clock
And you’re still not home
You’re already two hours late
I gave you the benefit of the doubt
But baby girl you always disappoint me
And lately you’ve been bringing it home
That smell that you’re wearing is not my cologne
I put up wit it ?Rcause I love you so
But baby I just can’t take it no more
You’re making me say goodbye
No matter how hard I try
You’ve taken advantage of me
Now I don’t have a choice baby
You’re making me say goodbye No
I can’t take on e more lie
I love you so

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