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B2K Is Hot (Skit)

Raz B:
yo i’m sayin’ what we gonna do?
we sittin’ up here all bored and everything
i mean what’s crakin’ 4 the night j boog?
i’m sayin’ what’s up

I don’t know but i tell u this i ain’t stayin’ in this house another minute

Raz B:
4 real man

yo i heard the skatin ring was crakin’ boog

J-Boog & Raz B:

yeah the skatin’ ring

noooo see i ain’t feelin’ that
hey yo fizz what happen to the girl you was talkin’ about?

oh this her right here
yeah she said its a party at her crib

oh boy 4 sho

yeah i’m sayin’ call rome tell him come scoop us up

no doubt

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Last Boyfriend

Why you gotta ask me where I’ve been
Why you gotta talk in that accusing tone
You think the worst of me
You always think I’m not doing you wrong
You gettin on my nerves with that
Always stressin’ me when I’m not home
I really do care for you
But if you keep on girl we won’t last for long no

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B2K Is Hot

B2K got the ladies jumpin
and keep the party pumpin
And all the fellas thumpin

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I Bet

"Girl don`t tell me that you`re dreamin
And don`t tell me that schemin that
for thinking he could take the place of me
And girl dont tell me you`ve got my back
And don`t tell me you don`t see that
When its a fact
That any dumb fool
how could you………

How could you think he`s cool enough
To be the one come in after me
I guess you`ve been wirting comedy now
To even compare him to someone like me
If you don`t know now

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Here We Go Again

Stop thinkin people’s on your jock
Tryna act like you got money but you at the bus stop
Oh please stop doin what you do
Cause ain’t nobody lookin at you
oh oh no no here we go again (again)
oh oh no

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