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Oye Mi Canto (Hear My Voice) (English version)

Take me… only for what I am
You’ve got a right to speak your mind
You’ve gotta take a stand

No one… has the right to say
This is right or that is wrong
It isn’t just one way

Find common ground
Go in between
Things aren’t always what they seem

Someday it’ll be alright
Changes happen overnight


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Get On Your Feet

You say I know it’s a waste of time
There’s no use trying
So scared that life’s gonna pass you by
Your spirit dying
Not long ago
I could feel your strenght and your devotion
What was so clear is now overcast
With mixed emotions
Deep in your heart is the answer
Find it

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Will you tell me
All your secrets
Could you really be sincere

Whisper all your inhibitions
The things you most fear

Don’t turn away
I want to get to know you in the worst

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I Want You So Bad

You’re the only one
To make me tremble
The one to show me
How to laugh and cry

In your arms I feel complete surrender
Why baby why

To feel no need for lies or alibis
I want you so bad
Ooh baby
I really

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Ain’t much for promises
But I’m a fool for your sweet caress
Don’t mean to be obsessed
But all that I can do is guess

And when I miss you
I try to keep my head
But when I kiss you
My heart speaks out instead

And if it’s someone else
I’d rather be just by myself
Your honesty would help
Right now it seems so hard to tell
Don’t wanna worry

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