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Little Souljah’s Need Love Too

[Lil’ Romeo]
Little Soldiers need love
Little kisses and hugs
Come get wit these thugs
I’m tellin’ you I’m livin’ it up
We can walk through the park

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Makes You Dance

[Romeo] Hey lil Zane
[Lil Zane] Yo wassup?
[R] You and Afficial. Meet me in Orlando. The girlies at Disney World. Two-way me I’m on the freeway. Ya heard?
[LZ] You got that

[Girls singing] Boy you’re my angel. You’re my darlin angel. Closer to me then all my peeps baby. Boy you’re my angel

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Where They At

ft. Master P

[Chorus 6x]
Where them boys at?
(Where they at)
Where them girls at?
(There they go)

[Master P]
Call bugs on the phone
Whodi meet me by the dome
Daffy proably dieying whodi take him to the phone

[Lil’ Romeo]
Nick -nat-patty-wat give a dog a bone
Before you hit his spot

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Just a Kid

[Chorus: Lil’ Romeo – repeat 2x]
I’m the one wit the crushed out tank
I’m the one who makin’ young girls faint
Don’t smoke and too young to drink
Just a kid but got a mill in the bank

[Lil’ Romeo]
Sharp brown-skin
I can always be found in

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My Baby

[Deejay] Hotline
[caller] Can I request a song?
[Deejay] Sure
[caller] "My Baby" by Lil’ Romeo {*giggling*}
[Deejay] You got that

[Chorus: Lil’ Romeo and a girl singing]
[G:] Oh Romeo give me a chance
[R:] Uh uhh too young I don’t need a girlfriend
[G:] Walk me home from school anyway
[R:] (Heheh) O-kay
[G:] Oh Romeo the cutest boy I know
[R:] I know

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