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Who Writes Your Lyrics

I’m the flyest MC the finest MC the nicest MC oh that’s boring see
There’s another MPC so why you think most hip-hop sounds the same except for me?
Cryptic kick shit from the crypt sadistic lick hits with wit I’m quick
Rip crickets in a wicket I’m plain wicked thick in the rig wearing kid lipstick
I wreck shit on the next shit spit it in ya ear bit like a Qtip
Big silly bitch wickedy witch lickety split in a sitch no dick but talk big carry a big stick
So I’m a girl

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I got a dichotomy inside of me like sodomy my brain and body fight on the potty part
of me wants a lobotomy
It’s botherin me you need to bottle me into a pill sell me at CVS next to the dill
Viagra for the terminally ill
Sick and out of control I tried Chicken Soup for the Soul

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Untouchable Part 2

ft. Beth Orton

I got King Kong playin Ping-Pong with a big bong in my brainstorm and the pains warm
Swarm like smog in Hong Kong I know it’s wrong but I kill me softly with my own song
Some magic wand could make it be ok kill the decay like a cake and a lay
But today- it wasn’t a good day and you can’t touch me I’ve already faded

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You Get Mad At Napster

Please don’t mess with me I’ll spit you out like you were Sunny D
Did you really think you could be mean baby? Listen this next part is key

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Untouchable Part 1

ft. 7Even

Ooh here I come not what you expected
Y’all erected while I wreck shit next bit hard while I wreck it
Elected prom queen on the strength of my last record
Hectic get nekkid and do it backstage after you all exit
About three minutes start countin back seconds
I got sexists beggin me to make me breakfasts
Winnipeg to Texas

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