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Wings Of Destiny

"Do you remember the days
when living was meant to be free
not looking for fortune
not looking for fame
the beauty of life was the key

We lived as one to conquer the world
a thousand dreams to come true
we knew in the end we’ll find
the meaning of life and the truth

So proud and full of passion
we formed a better world
we fought against opression
and winsdom was our sword

On the path of glory
we searched the rainbow’s end
lives meant to share
where’s the sign that we’d sent?

On the sad wings of destiny
we’re kings without a throne
if you believe in unity
believe ’cause you’re not alone
sad wings of destiny
the haunting thoughts of pain
the world’s a patient

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Lost In The Future

"Atomic fallout scans the sky
Another place where people die
And with a massive final punch
We left a world of pain

And now pollutions everywhere
Another death is in the air
A million people left alone
Down in their desperate

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Last Before The Storm

"Who’s controlling all the misery and pain
When the error signs are lighted in the masterhall
And from the start the action is in vein
Cause the beast is always careful to avoid the fall

We crawl up to the skies. We’ll never return again

We’re the last before the storm
Watching the sun going down on us
We wish we had never been born
To be the last before the storm

Who’s ever gonna change the world
I don’t understand what we are fighting for
The truth is sad

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Send Me A Sign

"Out of the dark
he came without a warning
the guarding light
I didn’t see…

on a story tellers night
he spoke his words of wisdom
the tales he told from far beyond
that no one understood

He had the gift of prophecy
he wove a web of mystery
a thousend lifes shone gracious in his eyes

Send me a sign
for too long you kept me waiting
send me a sign
from the eternal skies
send me a sign
send me a sign

He disappeared
in the early haze of morning
and with him left his prophecies
they didn’t care…

All the years that passed away
he’slocked inside my head
his tales became reality
the prophecies he said

He was the choosen one to see
his words will burn eternally
it hurts

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Start Running

"Mankind has found every treasure on earth
It stands to reason that we have got all we need.
Comfort is now a condition of life

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