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Young Guns

Hey sucker
(What the hell’s got into you?)
Hey sucker
(Now there’s nothing you can do)

Well I hadn’t seen your face around town awhile

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I’m Your Man

"Call me good
Call me bad
Call me anything you want to baby
But I know that you’re sad
And I know I’ll make you happy
With the one thing that you never had


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The Edge Of Heaven

"I would lock you up
But I could not bear to hear you
Screaming to be set free
I would chain you up
If I’d thought you’d swear
The only one that mattered was me

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Credit Card Baby

"Said that you love me
Thought that it was true
You said that you needed me
And baby I believe that too
I thought that you were shy
But you put me straight
With the wink of your eye
I should have known better
I know
But now my hand’s in my pocket
Every time I see you cry

People think that you’re so sweet
But they don’t know you
Quite like I do
I guess they think
I’m a lucky guy
But you’re not fooling

You can have my credit card
But keep your red hot fingers
Off my heart
All I know is what I see
You’re getting what you want
It ain’t just me
No matter how you cry
I’m not giving any love away
Do you think I’m crazy
All I know is what I see
But what can I do
When you pretend that you’re in love with me

You tell me you love me
‘Cause I know that it’s not true
Just tell me
You need my money

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Where Did Your Heart Go?

"I spend my nights down on the wharf
In unlit alleyways
By the church downtown
Where Sally prays
Come down sometime
We’ll share a rusty can of corn…
And listen to the radio
I love you

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