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She Don’t Know Me

What more can I do?
There’s nothing I haven’t tried
Still it’s so hard for her to notice
I’ve tried hard to be straight
There’s nothing left I can say
If only she would look my way

She don’t know me

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Wild In The Streets

"Joey comes from a sacred part of town
Where sometimes you talk so tough
That your feet don’t touch the ground
And the sidewalk soldiers sing their midnite blues
While the old men recite their story lines
About when I was young like you
They say: Oh yeah
We were cruising to the backbeat
Oh yeah

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Justice In The Barrel

"Hey mister can you help me
I’m a loner on the run
I’m just looking for tomorrow
And I ain’t gonna hurt no one

I jumped headfirst into a bottle
I was looking for a friend
Came up just short of nothing
I didn’t find the truth I only found an end

So tell me who’s gonna save me
Or my father or my son
When the only justice a man can see
Is the barrel… of a loaded gun

I been broke and I’ve been hungry
I think they’re both my middle name
But I don’t never ever never seem to get enough
Still guess I can’t complain

‘Cause what you get in life you take it
You’ve gotta hold on and make it last
They say good things come to those who wait
But it’s life that goes so fast

And when there’s just one rule you live by
Each day you kiss the rising sun
When you live and die by the life we breathe
In the barrel of a loaded gun

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The Price Of Love

One Heart one other
They met last summer
One move she started
Now they love this way
The pain of pleasure
lying together
You’re at their mercy
As the telephone’s ringing on
No one said there’d be nights like this
Risk your life for a stolen kiss
We live

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Should I? Could I?
Have said the wrong things right a thousand times
If I could just rewind

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