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Livin’ & Rockin’

"Fire is my method for destruction
Leaving chard wreckage from my latest

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Take a chance on something star you gotta
All the live long day
If I had toname one thing you think data
Be hard pressed to say
You can’t say I’m gushy

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I was at this club minding my tea
I saw this pretty young thing so I thought that I would see
I don’t smoke but I asked her for a cigarette
I know it’s lame but I haven’t got a better one yet
She danced so fine

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Push It Away

I used to have this idea
That getting a silver medal wouldnt set me free
Oh but you know that I really dont need
To catch no fame or credit
Nor a big fat bank account with no debit
So just set me straight

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"Between Mars and Jupiter
There’s a gap
For another planet
Now way back yeah
Maybe a mad man
Just blew the shit
Out of it
Now we’re tryin’
To get back
In alignment
Explains why we
Go through cycles
Always tryin’ to find it
Closin’ into the age
Of aquarius
Crazy weather
Floods Tornadoes
Low jet streams
Not gettin better
Enterin’ a twilight zone
Activities grown
Every single day
More people spottin’ UFO’s

Let’s come together with this
New coast shit
we got the motherfuckin’ kids
Now let’s freak this shit
It’s messed up when you’re feeling
Everything is wrong
takeover the Pentagon

It’s fucked up in this paradigm
Cuz i’m burnin’ fossil fuels
I dont even need too
free energy has been harnessed
we don’t use it why
cuz the techniques been suppressed
the hours glass has passed through granules
thats cool we gotta break it
bust all t...

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