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Funky Big Band

People gather ’round
At the Lennox Lounge
To hear the funky sounds
The beat hits so hard
There’s no cover charge
You have to feel the groove

One thing is you’ve got to be real
If you want to hear the
Funky big band
He who knows it feels it
Got to be real
If you want to hear the
Funky big band
We who knows it feel it

Harlem is the place
Where you’ll find the face
Of those who feel the groove
It’s not taught to thee
But it’s born to we
Aw and I feel the groove


And the band plays
From the big band
And the band plays
From the big band

It’s funky
You feel it
It’s funky
To be real
It’s funky
You feel it
Oh it’s funky
To be real


We who know it feel it [4x]

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You Want This

You know you want me
You want this

My girls
Been goin ’round talkin
They say that you been
Watchin me boy
I know
By the way you’re talkin
That you’re really tryin
To get to me boy

Not anyone I’ll just let in my heart
You have to be hungry for me
Girls may have been easy
But you have to please me
What makes me think that I can say this to you
I know how bad you want this

If you want my future then
You better work it boy
No it won’t come easy no
I know you want this
By the time I’m through with you
You’ll be beggin me for more

You want this

I know
Your whole story
Because you’re fine and
And you know it
You think
That you can have me
Just listen closely
No it ain’t so easy
Every word
You’ve said I have heard before

Girls may have been easy
But you have to please me
One thing I’ve been told
Nothin else compares

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"Seeing that your love’s true
Never I’ll doubt you
My heart belongs to you
That’s alright with me
Worlds could end around me
So in love that I can’t see
You and me were meant to be
That’s alright with me

Friends come and friends may go
My friend

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Son Of A Gun (I Betcha Think This Song Is About Yo

Ha ha
Hoo hoo
Thought you’d get the money too
Greedy mutherfuckers
Try to have your cake and eat it too

Sharp shooter into breakin hearts
A baby gigolo – a sex pistol
Hollerin at everythin that walks
No substance just small talk
Know why you feelin on that girl’s behind
You gotta sleezy one track mind
Working your work until you think you find
Who’s goin home with you tonight


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Velvet Rope


We have a special need
To feel that we belong
Come with me inside
Inside my velvet rope

Repeat chorus

This special need
That’s within us
Brings out the best
Yet the worst in us
Follow the passion
That’s within you
Living in the truth
Will set you free


Put others down
To feel us up
Oppressing me
Will oppress you
Outside leave judgement
Outside leave hate
One love’s the answer
You’ll find in you


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