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I’ve Got You

"Baby when I think about you
I don’t need to think ’cause I just know
That baby it’s the way you love me
That makes me so damn sure that your the one

Don’t you know that I’ve waited for you
You are everything I’ve wanted all my life
Never thought I would find what I need
‘Til you came along my dreams seemed so far away

I could be with another girl
And I can take a trip all around the world
But why would I go anywhere when I’ve got you
I could spend my money on fancy clothes
Meet a thousand women doing videos and shows
But baby I’m so glad that I got you

Maybe I just got lucky
‘Cause a chance like this don’t come along every day
And can we hold on to what we’ve got
If I ever lost you girl

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Te Amare

No quise lastimarte
no quise hacerte a ti llorar
te hice tanto dano
me arrepiento y quisiera cambiar

Si por solo un minuto
tuviese el tiempo de los dos
si por solo un minuto
pudiera abrazarte otra vez
Te amare por siempre
te amare al fin de la luz
te amare por siempre
te amare por siempre

Perdona mis errores
perdona todo aquel dolor
si te tuviera ahora

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I Need To Know

"They say around the way you’ve asked for me
there’s even talk about you wantin’ me
I must admit that’s what I wanna hear
But thas jus’ talk until you take me there

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Vivir Lo Nuestro

En un llano tan inmenso
tan inmenso como el cielo
voy a podar un jardin
para que duerma tu cuerpo
en un mar espeso y ancho
mas ancho que el universo
voy a construir un barco
para que nade en el sueno

En un universo negro
como el ebano mas puro
voy a construir de blanco
nuestro amor para el futuro
en una noche cerrado
voy a detener el tiempo
para sonar a tu lado
que nuestro amor es eterno

Y volar

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She’s Been Good To Me

Girl I see how you’re looking at me
and I must say you’re looking sexy
but the truth is my baby has been good to me
girl the way that you move’s so tempting
gotta say that I like what I see
but the truth is my baby has been good to me


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