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Brown Eyed Girl

"(I hear a song
makes me think of a girl
I used to know. . .
I sing along when I hear it
on the radio now. . . )

Hey now where’d we go?
Yeah days when the rains came
Way down in the hollows
Oooh yeah playing a new game
Laughing and a running
hey hey hey
skipping and a jumping
in the misty morning fog
Oh baby
Yeah my heart’s a thumping you
My brown eyed girl
You my
Brown eyed girl

chorus: Do you remember when?

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Here We Go Again

"you know i like to watch you sleep
no… i don’t want to touch you
you’ll get mad at me

no… i don’t want to think about
the bad times
aw… anyone could have a bad year

now i don’t want you to show me
i do not want you to know me
the way i used to be…

all these good things we have
would not mean a damn to me

and i don’t want to hear
those words
you feel you have to say

when you find out
how i used to be
back in the day

yeah you know i like
the way you slide
yeah yes i like it when you do
that slow glide

now please don’t bad talk all those
good times
aw don’t ask for answers

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Like A California King

"i see you have made yourself
a brand new life
such a cool blue star
with a bright new shine
i see you wear your checkered past
just like a shining suit of gold
i know you think you look so special

i am told you have found yourself
a brand new time
watch the world stand still
as the years go by
i know you think you are new and different
but it makes no sense to me

there is nothing new about you
just another self-made man
there is nothing new that i can see
enjoy it while you can
i know you think you look so special

what makes you think you are so special?
what makes you think you are unique?
i see you smile and i get angry
as i watch you go colossal
like a california king

i hear you gave the world a brand new voice
such a happy melody with a new wave whine
yeah i see you hide behind your own noise
i think i’ve ...

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Unemployed Boyfriend

"This is going to sound a little obsessive
This is going to sound a little bit strange
I have one thing to say
Before I turn and I walk away
This is going to sound a little impulsive
This is going to sound a little insane
I know you don’t know me yet
but you and I
we will be together

I know … I know … I sound like I’m on drugs
But listen to me now when I say..

That ever since I first saw you
Sitting on your car outside you asked for a cigarette
I couldn’t stop staring at your eyes

Ever since when I first saw you
Looking bored in that plastic chair
With the lights of the office around you
Those blonde streaks
they look so pretty in your black hair

You look cool and alternative with that disaffected stare
You want people to think that you just don’t care

Hey you can be with me ’cause I just mi...

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The Thrift Store Chair

"Baby go to bed
And put out the light
We both know
If we talk anymore
We are going to end up
In a great big fight

You can have your way again
Yeah you can believe
What you want to believe

You can walk all over me

But tonight
Can we both
Just pretend to sleep

I think we’re headed for a big fall
Think we’re headed for a bad time

(I’m going to go downstiars
And sit in that chair you like )

I want to put a John Prine
record on

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