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Affirmative Action

[Intro: AZ]

This is what… this what they want huh?
This is what it’s all about..
What? Time to take Affirmative Action son
They just don’t understand

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If I Ruled The World

[Intro: Nas (Lauryn Hill singing in the background)]

Life….. I wonder….
Will it take me under…. I don’t know

[Verse One: Nas]

I’magine smoking weed in the streets without cops harassin
I’magine going to court with no trial
Lifestyle cruising blue behind my waters
No welfare supporters more conscious of the way we raise our daughters
Days are shorter

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Every Ghetto

"Uhh… yeah… uhh…

[Verse 1 (Nas)]
Blessings in life to the children
They say life is like 5 days
Words of a old man with silver hair in his wheel chair
His eyes were bloody while describin’ what lies before me
Said evil bitches and jealous men would try to destroy me
It occurred to me

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"Bis-Mi-Allah A-Rahman A-Rahim
(To the Gods.. to the Gods.. to the Earths)
Pass that shit homey

Now tell me what y’all smokin
What kinda heat y’ll holdin
Well is your creep move potent
I got a bunch of bullets and a bag of guns I pass ‘em to my niggaz c’mon
We bi-coastin

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Come Get Me

"And as a special treat this evening
I have asked America’s foremost young poet
to read his latest poem for us

[scratching by DJ Premier:]
"ladies and gentlemen.."
"Everybody watch him"
"ladies and gentlemen.."
"We-we-we came a long way"
"ladies and gentlemen.."
"Everybody watch him"
"ladies and gentlemen.."

Yo.. yo..
Power and crime

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