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Mi Reflejo

"Para ti
Lo que ves de mi
Es la realidad
Mas tu no conoces
El papel que la vida
Me hace actuar
Siendo asi
Yo puedo burlar
Mi mundo exterior
Pero al corazon jamas

Hoy no reconoci
A quien vi frente a mi
Mi reflejo no mostro
Quien soy en verdad

Un dia mas
Que me corazon tengo que ocultar
Todo mi sentir
Al final
Sabran como soy
Que pienso en verdad
Ese dia llegara

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"ft. Redman

Too dirrty to clean my act up
If you ain’t dirrty… you ain’t here to party!

Ladies move

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When You Put Your Hands on Me

When you put your hands on me
When you put your hands on me

I don’t know about the travel of time
And I’ve never seen most of the world
I don’t know diving out of the sky
Or living like the diamonds of pearls

See I haven’t danced to a musical tune
And I haven’t noticed the flowers in bloom
I haven’t smiled when alone in my room very much
Then we touched

I just know when you put your hands on me

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"Oh oh oh oh
Oh oh oh oh

It’s impossible
It’s impossible to love you
If you don’t let me know what you’re feeling

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Xtina’s Xmas

"It’s Christmas time
(It’s Christmas time)
It’s Christmas time
(Christmas time)
(It’s Christmas time)
It’s Christmas time

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