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Words Get In The Way

"I realize you’re seeing someone new
I don’t believe she knows you like I do
Your temperamental moody side

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Orange Express

In living the life I’ve lived I truly must confess
with all the things I’ve done
I’m not better than the rest.

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You Made A Fool Of Me

"Sorry to hear she wasn’t all she seemed;
that she made a fool of you
But while you were crying

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Dr. Beat

Emergency! Paging Dr. Beat! Emergency!

Docter I’ve got this feelin’ deep
inside of me

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When Someone Comes Into Your Love

When someone comes into your life
Take a chance my love
Forget all the pain that’s inside
Open your heart
You’ll forget as she’s touching your face
That I once held you in my embrace
It might even if you’re right
When you kiss her goodnight and not me

If someone should hold out her hand
Make her yours my love
Don’t know how long it may last
And how fast love goes
You’ll forget me oneday

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